Instead of only relying on the traditional trading method between buyers and sellers in the market, the AMMs will stay in the DeFi ecosystem liquid via liquidity pools. As Automated Market Makers (AMM) are part of DeFi Ecosystem, this is reversed from the traditional exchange platform where buyers and sellers offer up different prices to trade. The transaction will happen only when the listed price is acceptable by both parties and this means the price has become the asset’s market price. However, the AMMs have a different approach when it comes to trading the assets.

AMMs can be seen as the financial tool unique to Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Ethereum. This is a way to decentralized, always available for trading, and doesn’t rely on traditional trading methods. This is the most innovative way to exchange the assets the embodies the ideals of crypto, Ethereum, and generally in blockchain technology where anyone can build the new solutions and participate in them while no one can control the systems.

X0Swap as liquidity pools and liquidity providers

Liquidity itself means a way to easily convert one asset into another one. It often becomes a fiat currency but will not affect its market price. Before the AMMs joins the market it was a big challenge for liquidity to become the decentralized exchange on Ethereum, and now AMMs exist by creating liquidity pools and offering liquidity providers to grant these pools with assets. When the pools have more assets and more liquidity, the easier trading will become on decentralized exchanges. Currently, x0swap has joins to play as liquidity pools and liquidity providers.

The x0swap users will not trade against other people’s orders. However, they trade against a liquidity pool where x0swap has become a big pot of money and assets put together called liquidity providers, the ones who offer the service to provide the liquidity pool fees and governance tokens.

How x0swap gives rewards

Our x0 platform rewards our users with an appealing return when they participate as liquidity providers. x0 will give rewards by providing transaction fees which relate to exchange operations. The longer users using x0 platform token, the more unlocked higher returns that they will gain. We promise will provide more rewards and incentivize our users who commit to unlock periods of 3, 6, 9 months, or longer to earn more x0 tokens and transaction fees as big as time — lock periods that they have unlocked.



x0swap is the AMM DEX onPolygon, xDAI, BSC and fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine. Earn over 100% APY in x0 Tokens.

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x0swap is the AMM DEX onPolygon, xDAI, BSC and fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine. Earn over 100% APY in x0 Tokens.

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