Why We’ve Decided to Make x0swap a Multi-chain Swap

The Case for Multi-Chain Swap

Polarity is a huge issue in the world, we have always been divided. Starting with right hand drive — left hand drive cars, betamax — VHS, MacOS — Windows, iOS — Android, and more recently ERC20 — BSC — Matic — BTC — others. However, polarity exist for a reason too and some ecosystems offer things that other ecosystem does not. So for example, certain things you can do on Ethereum network, you can’t do on BTC’s lightning network.

Ethereum Issues

Normally new platforms exist to address the pitfalls of the old one. In the case of Ethereum, its problems have been well known: Slow transaction speed, high fees, chain vulnerabilities and exploits. Hence newer and better chains have emerged recently in the form of xDAI and MATIC. They’re both compatible with Ethereum Virtual Network (EVM) but operate at much better efficiency and much cheaper.

Credit: https://www.xdaichain.com/about-xdai/news-and-information/comparisons/matic

Flexibility of x0swap

With our support for the four major chains (and many more coming, like arbitrum), x0swap aims to deliver flexibility for all our users. We support each protocol natively, employing bridges to transfer assets from one protocol to another. This allows our users to choose, which chain they’re most comfortable with and continue to transact within that chain’s ecosystem.

x0 Token

x0 tokens too will exist within each of the chains. We will have x0 in Ethereum, xDAI, MATIC as well as BSC. Users will be able to move the tokens from one chain to the other easily with a bridge. Currently, x0 bridge for xDaiChain(ready) & BSC (still in development), in Polygon we use https://wallet.matic.network/bridge/

Bridging transactions happen almost instantly and you can proceed to use the tokens within that chain.

Farming and staking will be available in each of the chains too (except Ethereum, for now). So you need not move tokens just to farm or stake the tokens.

Focus on Stablecoins

We’re a swap that focuses on stablecoins and most of the assets within our ecosystems will be that of a stable coin and CBDC. We aim to be the solution for liquidity for all decentralized fintech and digital banks, facilitating their transactions and expediting asset transfers and payments globally. At the same time, participants will be able to earn attractive APRs as liquidity provider on our platform.

More on this coming! Stay tuned.

x0swap is the AMM DEX onPolygon, xDAI, BSC and fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine. Earn over 100% APY in x0 Tokens.