The generation of block chain community has been updated gradually each time. This gen has led people to acknowledge everything regarded to cryptocurrency including the trading platform, foreign exchange brokers, and liquidity provider. X0Swap is the growing liquidity provider which shows its existence to the market since 2021. X0Swap acts its role as the middleman in the trading market.

How x0Swap Supports Fintech Ecosystems

X0Swap joins into fintech ecosystems to support the financial participants for cryptocurrency transaction. It provides the easiness for both trading transaction and providing space for people who wants to be liquidity provider too. X0Swap was first launched in 2021 and become an interoperability platform as well as liquidity platform.

As x0 acts as interoperability platform, x0 allows any activities including swapping and exchanging of CBDCs by using the existing cryptocurrencies and digital assets. By providing this platform the x0 users will be able to easily transfer their crypto and digital assets from a blockchains to another in a more seamless way which is more transparent and traceable.

Meanwhile, as x0 acts as liquidity platform, x0 doesn’t only act as liquidity provider but also providing space for its users to join this tribe by joining x0’s liquidity partner. X0 can assure that all type of transactions are instantaneous in a faster, cheaper, and more efficient way.

The Benefits for the Users

X0Swap offers some features to support the users’ transaction. It includes the highly secured platform, faster transaction with lower fees, access to on — demand liquidity, providing liquidity farms and pools, and owning our community governance.

X0Swap claimed to be highly secured platform as its operational systems are audited by security professional. This system will ensure that x0 only delivers secured and stable fintech environments for the users. To support the security system, x0 is working with some blockchain security auditors that ensure x0 will be more aware and secured to any hacks and exploits.

X0Swap also attempts to become the provider that provides low charge transaction, fast completions, and multichain capability. Currently, X0Swap is available in Ethereum, BSC, xDAI, and Matic. However, x0Swap will continue to add other protocols periodically, especially ones that are specific to CBDCs.

As using x0 platform, the users are free to determine themselves whether to commit to longer the liquidity providers’ duration or not. As user oriented platform, x0 is also be the first platform which allows a time — lock period of 3, 6, and 9 months in order to unlock higher returns. X0Swap strives to reward proportionally to the users whether they are a big bank or small fintech player. The x0Swap offers to the users to earn up to 1000% APR once they sign up as its liquidity partner.

The x0 users will gain rewards liquidity providers in a 2 — tier incentives structures to earn transaction fees for swapping or exchanging operations and in the same time will earn x0 tokens if only the liquidity providers lock — in their liquidity for our offered time — locked period.




x0swap is the AMM DEX onPolygon, xDAI, BSC and fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine. Earn over 100% APY in x0 Tokens.

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x0swap is the AMM DEX onPolygon, xDAI, BSC and fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine. Earn over 100% APY in x0 Tokens.

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